You Can Help Save Squirrels!

Many people ask if I accept donations. The answer is, “Yes! In fact donations are what help the Sanctuary stay afloat. We are a registered nonprofit corporation in Ohio. I’m hoping to become a federal 501c3 as well.

How many squirrels are in our logo?!?

So why do we need donations? Being a non-profit means there is no money to pay for the supplies and veterinary care needed to run the Sanctuary. Since Covid started last year, we have received over 500 orphaned baby and ill/injured adult squirrels. That means a lot of housing, food, feeding supplies, veterinary care, medications, cleaning supplies and so much more!

Carmela for whom the Sanctuary was named.

Periodically, I run fundraisers on Facebook to generate donations at crucial periods. Today I started one because the fall season began in early July rather than mid to late August. We have already received over a dozen newborn babies plus half a dozen injured squirrels. Sadly, not all of them have survived. But even the ones that didn’t survive needed care, albeit for a short time.

Because the spring season was so busy, many of the supplies we use have been depleted. At this point, I’m almost out of formula, there are several medications which need to be refilled, cleaning supplies and feeding supplies have run low. The small refrigerator we had for storing formula and ElectroStat stopped working so we need to replace it. The water boiler we had also wore out and needs replacement. Many of the cages we have are wearing out and should be replaced. And the list goes on…

If you would like to help us out, you can donate via the fundraiser at:

We also accept donations via Zelle: to phone 440-520-4799

Scan codes for CashApp, Venmo and PayPal are at the end of this blog.

We also have an Amazon wishlist:

As always, we are very grateful for the generous support we have received over the years. Thanks for helping us Save the Squirrels!

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Chip & Dale – newborns admitted this month.